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Juergen Schubert Sinsheim

Maximilian Junken, general manager Schubert GmbH

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Powerful all-round solutions, from the idea to the optimal product

At Schubert, 100% customer satisfaction has been our top priority for the past 35 years. We ensure results in advance through in-depth consultation, complementary advice and reasonable project planning.

Thanks to our lean production methods and a well-coordinated technical team with outstanding expertise, we are able to offer you our services at a competitive price while meeting highest quality standards.

Juergen Schubert Sinsheim

Philipp Hammelehle, engineering & development Schubert GmbH

Clever solutions for perfect tools made in Germany

From the very beginning, it was essential to us to bring and maintain the company at a high level of both performance and innovation.

With our dedicated design team, we are happy to support you from the very first second of your project through to completion. In this process, we fully adapt to the circumstances and the requirements of your company.

Juergen Schubert, Schubert GmbH Sinsheim

Jürgen Schubert, founder of Schubert GmbH Sinsheim

Founded in 1988 by Jürgen Schubert and now run by the second generation of his family, the company is based in Sinsheim in the Rhein-Neckar district of Baden-Württemberg.

"Over the past years we have managed to create a healthy balance of young, motivated and older, experienced employees: Ensuring that you will continue to find a competent contact partner in the field of thermoforming in us in the future decades!"



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Suitable spare parts for your thermoforming tools

Supply and installation of spare parts in thermoforming tools

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Advanced design and construction workstations with CATIA V5


Thanks to our modern design workstations with Catia V5 and our combined experience in the thermoforming sector, we can offer you fast and cost-effective solutions with subsequent feasibility and a high standard of quality.
As a team, we are at your disposal throughout the entire development process of your project!

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Our many years of experience make us skilled at designing even the most demanding blister tools.

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