Jürgen Schubert, Schubert GmbH

Jürgen Schubert, general manager Schubert GmbH Sinsheim

+49 (0)7261 - 5849


Jürgen Schubert

Customer satisfaction has been a top priority since I founded the company in 1988. Through in-depth consultations, I would like to offer you tailor-made project solutions.

From the beginning, it was important for me to bring and maintain the company at a high level of performance as well as innovation. Due to our lean production lines we can offer you our services with a high quality standard, cost-effective.

Through targeted corporate management, we have managed to create a healthy relationship between young, motivated and older, experienced employees: making sure that you will find a competent contact in the thermoforming sector in the coming decades as well!


The Schubert GmbH company, since almost 30 years in Sinsheim, Germany

Maximilian Junken, Schubert GmbH

Maximilian Junken, construction management Schubert GmbH Sinsheim

+49 (0)7261 - 5849


Maximilian Junken

With our dedicated design team, we are happy to support you from the first second of your project to the end. It is important for us to adapt to you and the needs of your company.

Thanks to our modern design workstations with Catia V5 and the bundled experience in the thermoforming sector, we offer you fast and cost-efficient solutions applying always highest quality standards.

I am looking forward to being at your disposal for the entire development process of your project!