Sealing tools

Sealing tools made of aluminum, steel or brass

The Schubert GmbH proposes the optimal solution for your blister packaging. We are aware of any packaging solutions such as, plastic carton, cardboard cardboard, plastic-plastic and plastic -Tyvek (medical technology). By inserting spring-loaded pressure pieces, we achieve a high level of accuracy between the blister and the cover film.


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We serve all common sealing machines

Over the years, the Schubert GmbH has acquired a solid knowledge of all standard sealing machines. In this way, we can guarantee accurate sealing tools through which you can achieve excellent sealing results. An important success factor is the flatness of the contact surfaces of the sealing top - and the sealing base. While handling the material which we use for your sealing tool, we follow your stipulations and provide you with tools made of aluminum, steel or brass. In order to achieve the best possible sealing results, our tools are partly corrugated, teflonized or hardcoated.

Schubert GmbH supplies you sealing tools for all common brands, such as:

  • Illig
  • Kiefel
  • Hamer
  • Hagmann

  • Schubert Formenbau

Schubert GmbH in Sinsheim - Our experience makes us professionals in the design of even the most demanding blister tools

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