Thermoform operations

We produce tray and blister packs in cooperation with thermoforming companies

Since our founding in 1988, we have worked together with thermoforming companies on innovative solutions to further develop tray packs and blisters. Through our long-standing cooperation with deep-drawing companies, the competent team at Schubert GmbH knows exactly what kind of support you need and can provide you with immediate assistance. We cover the whole manufacturing process - from the first layout to sample shapes and deep-drawn patterns to your final serial tool. All-flexible and from a single source. The connecting dimensions of the most common deep drawing machines are well known to us, or can be taken from us at your machine.


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We would be glad to offer you our assistance with your thermoforming tools construction either at the very beginning or during a later phase of the building process. :)

Tel.: +49 (0)7261 - 5849

The Schubert GmbH is aware that every thermoforming company has a different approach and its own philosophy with regard to its thermoforming tools. We adapt to the needs of our customers or advise you about new approaches. We offer you all the components you need to produce a technically perfect tray or blister on your thermoforming machine:

  •     tools
  •     plug assists
  •     cooling plates
  •     steel rule dies
  •     frame
  •     stacking cages

Transparent folding blister


Schubert GmbH in Sinsheim - Our experience makes us professionals in the design of even the most demanding blister tools

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