Second hand dealers and agents of deep-draw machine producers

We equip you with the necessary tools

As a representative of deep drawing machines or as a second-hand machine dealer we can provide you with a first tool set for your thermoforming machine.

Schubert GmbH also knows about the characteristics of the deep-drawing companies and their wishes for the interfaces between the thermoforming machine and the tool. We can build and supply you with the required components for this purpose.



Keep it simple and consult with us now!

We are happy to assist you with the technical design of your thermoforming tools.
From the very beginning or also in later process phases.

Tel.: +49 (0)7261 - 5849

Layout / design of blister packaging → Creation of a sample with first thermoform sample nests → Delivery of the finished series tool ready for use

Due to the flexibility of a small business, we can also take short-term projects so that you can handle fast-selling sales projects. In addition, the competent team of the Schubert GmbH supports you directly or, if you wish so, in the background by designing the required communication for the construction of thermoforming tools.

Schubert GmbH offers you the full range of services: from layout or blister packaging drawing to the creation of samples with first thermoform pattern tests up to the finished series tool. Thanks to our experience, we take these steps independently, so that you can fully concentrate on your core business.

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Production of a tool

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Our many years of experience make us skilled at designing even the most demanding blister tools.

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