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Through its many years of experience with the contract packaging industry, Schubert GmbH guarantees trouble-free communication in the design of your projects. We can support you with our team and our modern machine park regarding to the high expectations that your customers place on you in matters of flexibility and high quality.

Our design department will gladly provide you with blister packaging drawings, from which all important dimensions can be determined. These serve as a basis for discussion with your customer or as approval drawings.


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We would be glad to offer you our assistance with your tools construction either at the very beginning or during a later phase of the building process. :)

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We mill sample shapes and draw first blister covers

We will be pleased to equip you with a sample of aluminum and draw your first blister hoods with which you can obtain the approval from your customer. Furthermore, the Schubert GmbH is able to seal your first small batches up to 200 pieces on a pattern seal machine. This provides you with a complete package unit for release request.

Schubert GmbH will tailor your tool precisely to your thermoforming machine. Our team is experienced enough to know that the connecting dimensions of thermoforming machines are often changed by modifications. So we make sure to take these measurements from your machine on site right from the beginning. This is how we supply you with tools which are ready for use without further adaptation.

We are also looking forward to assisting and repairing your old tools, regardless of their manufacturing company.

Schubert GmbH in Sinsheim - Our experience makes us professionals in the design of even the most demanding blister tools

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