Tools for automation

Development and manufacture of tray tools

Through the years of experience and witnessing the progressive automation with tray tools we recommend ourselves as an ideal partner for the design and tool manufacturing of your trays.

Schubert GmbH determines your tray tools according to all parameters relevant for you and accompanies you from the first layout and the sample production up to the final serial tool.

The most important parameters of a successful tray tool include:

  • Maximum number of benefits
  • Maximum possible stack height in the small charge carrier, in cardboard or on Europaletts
  • Possible automating of the tray in modern handling systems
  • Good thermoformability of the tool through profound interpretation ‐ if necessary, supported by plug assists
  • High precision of the prefabricated parts and resulting transport safety

Molds for trays

Finished deep drawing pattern of a tray to be used in automation

From designing a tray tool to maintenance -
everything from one source

1. Tray design

After an initial meeting in which we will develop together a requirement profile for your packaging, Schubert GmbH will provide you with a first layout as the basis for your handling machine manufacturers, production or logistics.

2. Prototype / Pattern making

Once the layout has been released, Schubert GmbH will create a sample form of aluminum and thermoform the first deep drawing patterns. These serve as the basis for the communication with respect to the component position and the feasibility or removability of the component. It is also possible to use a pattern to evaluate the stacking play in the Z axis. In short, a sample form serves as a discussion basis for your interfaces.


Contact us anytime!

We would be glad to offer you our assistance with the construction of your automation tools either at the very beginning or during a later phase of the building process. :)

Tel.: +49 (0)7261 - 5849

3. Series tool

After sample approval Schubert Gmbh will provide you with a finished tool. We have developed over the years experience with all common tool variants. These include undercutting tools, flap tools as well as slider tools. Experienced with regard to possible deep drawing problems, we enable your tool to have a maximum of good thermoformability. Possibly thanks to the support of a plug assist, which allows you to form narrow joints and complex geometries with good film properties.

Schubert GmbH sees itself as a specialist for all current and older plate-pulling machines and roller-drawing machines. E.g. brands such as:

• Illig (HSA Serien) • Hamer • Geiss

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4. Tool maintenance / modification adjustments

Schubert GmbH takes care of the maintenance of your tools and offers you their overhaul no matter where they were manufactured.

Our services include:

Repair of minor damage by sanding or re-milling
Replacement of movable tool parts such as, for example, flaps or sliding elements
• Surface treatment by bead blasting.
In the case of changes that need to be made to a component, we can certainly offer you a cost-effective solution.

Schubert GmbH in Sinsheim - Our experience makes us professionals in the design of even the most demanding blister tools

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