Punches for good formability

Plug assists / upper punches / pistons

The Schubert GmbH manufactures for you - if necessary - pistons in different materials. For this purpose, a 3D milling machine is used in our company.

Already in the structural design of the punch, we attach great importance to the deep drawing technical requirements:

We manufacture plug assists with full geometry tracking as well as simple forming aids, just as required. The aim is to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the foils. As a material, we use different plastics, in some cases also aluminum, which meets the requirements of a top punch by Teflon coating.


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We would be glad to offer you our assistance with your top-punches construction either at the very beginning or during a later phase of the building process. :)

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Oberstempel aus Kunststoff

Forming tool with matching plastic upper punch

Oberstempel Schubert

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